Our mission

Supporting families navigating autism and developmental delays. We provide essential products promoting mental wellness as well as cognitive, emotional, and social learning, backed by therapeutic and motherly expertise. Rooted in Christian values, our brand is a resource hub for a supportive community. Catering to a creative and diverse audience, we strive to enhance lives with compassion and understanding.

Values for Life: Shop with Heart and Soul.

  • Empathy and Compassion: We aim to prioritize understanding and empathy for the unique challenges faced by moms, especially moms of color, navigating autism and developmental delays.
  • Inclusivity: Here at Curvy Creationz, LLC, we embrace diversity and inclusion to create a welcoming space for all individuals and families.
  • Mental Wellness Advocacy: We dedicate efforts to promote mental wellness, recognizing the importance of emotional health for both moms, fathers, and their children as they navigate the nonlinear and β€˜curvy’ journey through life.Β 
  • Expertise, Guidance, Education, and Awareness: We look to provide valuable resources and information, drawing from the expertise of therapists to support families on their journey; We act as a resource hub, promoting awareness and education about autism and developmental delays within the black community.
  • Faith-Based Values: We uphold Christian values, integrating faith into the brand's message of hope, resilience, and love.
  • Creativity and Innovation: We encourage a creative mindset, offering innovative solutions and ideas to enhance the lives of our customers and followers.
  • Community Building: We foster a sense of community among moms of color, offering a supportive network for sharing experiences and advice.
  • Quality Products: We ensure that the products offered are of high quality and align with the brand's mission to support the well-being of families.